"The History of The Sock Clip - How the Original Sock Clip was Born"

Believe it or not the Original Sock Clip, shaped like tiny little feet, was conceived and developed by a man, who out of frustration of continuously losing his socks and having to spend a ridiculous amount of time sorting and pairing his socks decided there just had to be a better way.  He searched around for a product that might solve the problem in the only way he could imagine which was to keep each pair of socks together at all times, unless of course you were wearing them. After searching and searching and trying some of the completely ineffective products that claim that they would in fact hold two socks together, which of course simply did not work, some of which are still around to this day, and guess what, still do not work, he decided that he would develop a clip that would not only work but one that would be designed so well that it would last for years and years.

The designer was told by professionals in the plastics molding industry that it would be impossible to make an all plastic clip that would actually hold two socks together throughout the laundry process withstanding the agitation of the washing machine and the tumbling and heat of the dryer.  Believing that "if you can conceive it, you can achieve it"the inventor only found these discouraging words to be his motivating words and set out to develop just such a product as he imagined. It took several years, yes years, of trial and error in both the design and the choice of particular materials used but alas the "Original Amazing Always Together Sock Clip" was born, for short simply called the Sock Clip. It was decided that the Sock Clip would be made in the United States and thus the process began...

The next step was to decide where to make the product. The search was on to find a qualified molder who he felt would be able to make the product with the same integrity and attention to detail as the designer of the product felt would be necessary for his product to ultimately be successful as a quality product that consumers would really use and like. While searching for a molder the inventor was introduced to an association that provided work for developmentally disabled. Having gone to a camp as a child that shared the camp grounds property with another camp that was for the developmentally disabled there was a soft spot in the inventors heart toward this segment of our society.  After investigating this association he decided that after the plastic parts were molded, by whatever molder he would eventually find, that they would then be sent to the facility where the disabled worked to be assembled and packaged. The assembly of the product proved to be very easy to assemble thus a perfect product for people with most any level of developmental handicap.  A molder was soon found and then together with the association of disabled our workforce was in place to start making the Original Sock Clip.  The very same Sock Clip has been made ever since with no changes other than the occasional additional color variation.  We are proud to be making the Sock Clip in the United States and even more proud to continue to provide work for the disabled.  It was decided that the Sock Clip would be made in a variety of colors and then since the average family had about four people that they would be marketed in four assorted colors allowing for a different color for each member of the family. This way not only would you never have to sort socks to figure out which sock goes with which but you would instantly know whose socks are whose.  Dad could get one color, mom another, the third for child, etc.

The Original Sock Clip proved to work perfectly during each and every test that they were given including being opened and closed thousands of times, put through laundry test cycles thousand of times and even boiled in bleach. Seemly nothing within the realm of what they were designed for could harm these clips. Besides being able to go in the washer and dryer incorporated into the design was the ability for them to be able to attach easily to any metal or plastic hanger further increasing the versatility of the clip as they could turn any simple hanger into an instant pant or skirt hanger or attach numerous clips to a hanger and you would have an instant stocking or sock holder for easily drying items that you might normally be tossing over the shower curtain rod.  This hook conveniently fits and hangs on a clothesline as well. The Original Sock Clip is the most useful laundry accessory you will ever use. Organizing your Socks has never been easier! The Original Sock Clip makes the perfect gift!

As time went on the makers of the Original Sock Clip received a call from a customer expressing how much they loved the product and throughout the conversation the customer mentioned that the Sock Clip, within their household, had proven to be much more than a Sock Clip, that it was also an excellent bag or chip clip. Being that it was so durable, opened up so wide yet closed so tightly and that it was also made up entirely of plastic it was completely dishwasher safe.  Even safe when used in the freezer to hold bags of frozen vegetables and such tightly closed helping to keep out freezer burn, and with chips keeping the bag so tightly closed that it could even help keep things like chips and cereal fresher longer.  The company took these suggestions of the customer to heart and commenced testing of the Sock Clip as also being a useful bag or chip clip. They tested and tested so as to be sure that any claims or suggestions they might make or would be honest ones and just like the customer suggested the Sock Clip did in fact prove to be an excellent bag or chip clip actually working much better than any other clip the company would find during their testing. Future packages of the Original Sock Clip went on to include a small part on their instructions showing the versatility of the clip as a multi purpose clip that would not only solve the lost sock or sorting sock problem but would have many other uses throughout the consumers household.

Originally sold in small packages of four clips and six clips, after sending out one press release and receiving two newspaper articles and a television news spot, both of which wound up being nationally syndicated, combined with the realization that any customer would in fact have the need for many more clips than four or six, the decision was made to change packaging quantity to a package of 32 Sock Clips, eight each of four colors which is how they are still sold today. We thank you for reading the "History of the Original Sock Clip" and welcome you as what we are sure will be another extremely happy customer and lover of this amazingly simple yet useful product. We are so certain that you will love the Sock Clip that, as you can see on our site, we offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee where if unsatisfied we will even refund your shipping and handling charges. Your risk is zero and the possibility of you loving the Sock Clip, saving time, and avoiding aggravation while doing your laundry is tremendous.

Until recently our Amazing Sock Clip was available from several catalogs, namely Home Trends, hometrends.com, QCI Direct, qcidirect.com, Always Free Shopping, alwaysfreeshiopping.com and Picket Fences, picketfences.com where it was sold as a sock clip and an everything clip.  We have chosen to no longer sell to these type companies so we can be sure that there is excellent service attached to our excellent product.

Don't be fooled by inferior imitations. There are other clips out there that have tried to copy us and attempt to solve the same problems as ours have but they simply do not work. Don't be fooled by misleading statements that claim theirs was the original and other such false statements.  Items like the Sock Cop claim that no product like ours existed when they came out with their clip when the Truth is that our Original Sock Clip had long already existed. Their statement and claims simply are not true!! Other clips that might also claim to be so are not the Original Sock Clip.  Ours is the Original Sock Clip. Our Sock Clip works. Our Sock Clip will not harm your socks! Our Sock Clip works with all types and sizes of socks! Our Sock Clip is so unique it is Patented.  You'll know ours works because we are the only Sock Clip that offers FOREVER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  We want you to feel that your risk is zero, because your risk is zero. We guarantee it!!  Thank you again for your support. Remember please tell a friend! Our Sock Clip is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Whether you call it a Sock Clip, Sock-Lock, Sock Pro, Sock Sorter, Sock Ring, Sock Cop, Sock Mate or any other name the fact is that the only one that works is our Sock Clip, the Original, found right here.  You can easily see the difference.  As Seen On TV!  As seen on television!  One of the greatest inventions! Made in America.  Made in the U.S.A.  Assembled and packaged by the developmentally disabled. When it comes to a product that is a perfect tip for a good housekeeping laundry aid gotta have the Original Sock Clip. As seen on the Nate Burkus show and written about in magazines and newspapers.

Our Sock Clip is the Original Sock Clip that works. The Sock Cop, SockDock, Sock Dock, Sock Star, Clip-It, Sock Pro, Sock Mate, etc., the round sock rings and others are not and simply do not work as well as our Sock Clip!!  Don't be fooled or mislead by cheap, inferior imitations. Some of these make false claims that they are the original sock clip but they are not, they are misleading and deceptive in their representations of the facts. If you want a product that works and that is made in the United States use the Original Sock Clip.  Our Sock Clip is the Best and We Guarantee Them, Forever! Be carefull with mesh bags that claim to keep socks together.  You will still have to pair them up and the heavy weight of the mesh bag full of wet socks could damage your washer or dryer.

The Sock Clip is the original solution for lost socks! The Sock Clip keeps your socks in a pair from hamper to washer to dryer to drawer, ready for your next wearing.  The most helpful laundry item you'll ever use.  In four assorted colors, a different color for each family member.  Put an end to mismatched socks.  Use the Original Sock Clip to save time and money and make doing laundry much more easy!  Now available in a large variety of beautiful colors, a different color for each member of the family.

Sock Clips are perfect for busy moms, as a sock sorter they help you save time by eliminating sorting, are low cost, convenient solution to eliminating lost or mismatched socks while doing laundry. As they prevent lost socks you'll save money not replacing missing socks.  People using the Sock Clip have a more organized home with regards to the laundry.  The Sock Clip is a great laundry tip. Professional organizers love the Sock Clip as well. Great for the moms, dads and the kids.  The greatest laundry aid ever!

As seen on the Nate Berkus Show. Featured on the CBS News. Featured and written about in numerous newspapers and magazines.

The Sock Clip shaped like little tiny feet.

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